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The World's Most Successful & Influential People 
Tell Their Story!
>>> Do you? 


Magnetize High-Level Clients

Feel the Power of Your Wisdom

Lead with Your Heart into More Success

Inspire Others with Your Authenticity

When you think about the coaches that inspire you, you know their story right? 

This is because they know the power of their story and use it again and again for more impact and succcess! 

By joining FABx you will know, own, and be able to powerfully share the wisdom that is inside of you and step into the upper echelon of the coaches you admire. 

You are here for the extraordinary!
Do not settle for less...

If you are a coach that knows you want to make the biggest impact possible, influence others for extraordinary results, and inspire people into their greatness...

FABx is for You!

Our default is to shy away from the stage...
FABx teaches you to own the stage and actively look for opportunities to speak with confidence and power.

Become an International Speaker 
in Eight Weeks!

FABx is an 8-week storytelling training program that ends with a large storytelling event where you present your powerful personal story to a live audience.

It is an initiation to becoming a coach of influence and international speaker with the ability to uplevel the hearts and minds of others through your personal wisdom.

Join other brave, extraordinary, and powerful beings who want to make a huge impact and inspire, ignite, and influence people through storytelling.

Become a Person of Influence

If you have a dream to become a high-impact coach, speaker, TEDx presenter or someone to watch, this training will prepare you for that BIG LIFE!
Be not only memorable but also talked about.
Speak from the full-force of your personal power.
Captivate the hearts and minds of the people who need your services.
Inspire, influence, and impact any audience at any time.

Through the process you will see yourself transform into someone with more confidence, power, and ability to inspire any audience at any time. 

Claim the stage NOW!
Only 10 Seats Available
"Before FABx I had always longed to share my wisdom with a wider audience, but would hang back and hide behind “supporting others to shine” when I had an opportunity to step up.

FABx gave me the training—and just as importantly, the support and encouragement—to finally step into the spotlight. I gained powerful tools for crafting and delivering my story on stage.

Now I feel empowered knowing that I have what it takes to make my passion a reality: to confidently lead and inspire others, as I share my experiences from the heart."
Susan Marshall
Innovation Strategist
A quantum leap in your leadership and influence.

You will learn how to...

Craft and deliver a TED-Style talk that you can use again and again.
Use the power, rhythm, and flow of storytelling to create high engagement and connection.
Communicate with confidence, clarity, and credibility so you are known as a thought leader.
"We came into this thinking we want to do one thing, which is to share our personal story. And that does happen and it happens powerfully and authentically. But beyond that, we got the biggest surprise, and also gift, which is personal transformations that we totally weren't expecting, It cracked my heart and leadership open, which then allowed me to really show up in other areas of my life, like my business, my family, my relationship...

What an experience like this does is allow you to get out of your own way and help you step into that leader that, quite frankly, you're born to be."
Pedro Jerez
CEO & Creative Director, Anante
Claim the stage NOW!
Only 10 Seats Available
Become Unforgettable
Storytelling etches a groove in people's minds that has them remember you and your message.

Two Activation Stages

Stage 1
8-Week Training
  • Mastery over an 8-10 minute TED-style talk based on storytelling.
  • Newfound confidence to own the stage or mic anytime anywhere
  • Storytelling technique to use on and off the stage, in business and life, in sales and marketing
  • The ability to become a person of influence.
Stage 2
Storytelling Event
  • Present your talk to an audience of up to 100 people 
  • Be a star at an evening of connection, music, storytelling, and magic.
  • Walk away with professional photos to use for social media, your website, in your media kit, and beyond!
  • Utilize the professionally edited video to close clients, get on podcasts, and secure your seat at a TEDx.
Claim the stage NOW!
Only 10 Seats Available

"Like TEDx with a heart and soul!"

The FABx Storytelling Events are off-the-charts magical!

Many have declared them the BEST events in Bali and beyond!

You will be a featured speaker at the event and powerfully step into the title of "Speaker", "Industry Leader", "Influencer", and "Someone to Watch"!

This Could Be You!

The people that choose to step out onto the FABx stage are powerful, expansive, courageous, and committed to something bigger than themselves.

Their stories entertain, inspire, and ignite a human connection like no other.

The coach they are before FABx and after FABx is dramatically different...imagine who you will become!

This training will no doubt transform your presence and presentation on stage, but it will also give you...


You will feel more confident and capable in interviews, client calls, podcasts, pitches, and more!


You will connect easily with clients and partners so they see the opportunity in working with you.


You will take chances and risks that you would usually shy away from.


You will shine in ways that magnetize opportunities and people to you!


Dates & Times

The date range for training, performance, and completion dinner,
All trainings and events are in person.


Wednesdays, 4pm - 7pm
Aug 30
Sept 6, 13, 20, 27
Oct 4, 11
Monday, Oct 16
Tuesday, Oct 17
4pm - 7pm
Storytelling Event
Wednesday Oct 18th
5:30pm - 10pm
Debrief Dinner
Thursday Oct 19th
5:30pm - 7pm
Wednesdays, 12noon - 3pm
Aug 30
Sept 6, 13, 20, 27
Oct 4, 11
Monday, Oct 16th, 4pm - 7pm
Tuesday, Oct 17th, 4pm - 7pm
Storytelling Events
Wednesday, Oct 18th
5:30pm - 10pm
Debrief Dinner
Thursday, Oct 19th
5:30pm - 7pm


Tuesdays, 4pm - 7pm
Sept 5, 12, 19, 26
Oct 3, 10, 17, 24
Wed, Oct 25th, 4pm - 7pm
Thurs, Oct 26th, 4pm - 7pm
Storytelling Event
Friday, Oct 27
5:30pm - 10pm
Debrief Dinner
Thursday, Oct 28
5:30pm - 7pm
Tuesdays, 4pm - 7pm
Sept 5, 12, 19, 26
Oct 3, 10, 17, 24
Wed, Oct 25th, 4pm - 7pm
Thurs, Oct 26th, 4pm - 7pm
Storytelling Events
Friday, Oct 27
5:30pm - 10pm
Debrief Dinner
Saturday, Oct 28
5:30pm - 7pm

meet your mentor

Oh hello! I’m Colleen Schell, the Founder of FABx and your Storytelling Mentor.

I am going to be calling you into your greatness.

This can be confronting...

We do not want to be responsible for the greatness we are.

But it’s where the magic lies and where you get to live your dreams.

A powerful way to reveal and live your greatness is by turning your unique experiences into wisdom that others can learn from.

Doing this gives you direct access to the greatness inside of you.

It is undeniable.

Once you glean the wisdom from your life and how you, specifically you, navigated the course, you will begin to get the brilliance of it all, including the brilliance in you.

This wisdom, when shared, amplifies the impact on your life and becomes a gift to the life of others.

This is what it means to step into the position of speaker, teacher, and influencer.

Allowing yourself to be the vessel that others get to learn from

This is not an easy task.

You have to deal with your self-imposed limits.
Face your fears. 
Claim your greatness.

But when you do, everything changes.

Join me now and claim your place on the global stage!
No attunement to your greatness,
No dreams fully fulfilled.
Join FABx and receive...
  • 8-Week TED-Style Speaker Storytelling Training. (Value: $3500)
  • Participation as a speaker in a live highly curated, professional, and unique event. (Value: $5000)
  • Professional photos of you on stage. (Value: $800)
  • Professionally edited video of your powerful talk. (Value: $1800)
  • Debrief and completion dinner and ceremony. (Value: $150)
You will also receive these bonuses
  • BONUS: Stand Out! Identify Your Unique Influencer and Speaker Style Workbook. (Value: $150)
  • BONUS: 60-minute one-on-one Personal Story Interview to get direction and excavate the best stories from your life ($500)
  • BONUS: 90-minute VIP one-on-one story audit and coaching to create and craft the most authentic powerful story so you look brilliant on stage and in the video. (Value: $800)
  • BONUS: "Win Over Any Audience at Any Time" Storytelling Formula PDF and video training. (Value: $450)
  • BONUS: Extra rehearsal evening for final coaching and refinements. (Value: $250)
It is clear that this is beyond what is offered by most trainings...

If you add it all up,

the full value of the training and experience is: $13,400

You get an experience and media package that builds authority like nothing else! 

  • 8-week training,
  • Experience in presenting from the stage to a large audience
  • Professional video of your story
  • Photographs of you on and off stage
  • Mastery over the superpower of storytelling
  • Confidence beyond confidence
  • and so much more!
the "EARLY BIRD" tuition 
for all this is only...

$2,995 USD

early bird Expires August 20, 2023
PAYMENT PLAN: 3 Payments of


PAY IN FULL: Receive a $300 discount!


If you don't take the risk,
you risk even more.

Born Out of a Decade of Leadership Experience

I cut my teeth in the big world of strategy and business development in advertising, international business, and leadership development.

For over a decade, it was my job to pitch large companies like Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft, and Google and win business with them.

I noticed something distinct would happen when I used a story in my pitch. Executives started paying attention and we won more business!

I also noticed something about myself. I started to lead with more authenticity and vulnerability. This amplified my emotional intelligence, ability to influence, and how I succeeded as a leader.

Because I had this storytelling superpower, I went toward microphones and stages. I got booked for speaking opportunities and MCing large industry events. I was able to share my wisdom and teach others how to empower themselves while also building my career.

I want this for everyone else who has the desire to create a powerful leadership voice while making their mark on the world. So I started FABx.

Since its inception in September 2020, I have trained leaders from all over the globe to use the wisdom of their personal stories to teach, inspire, and influence audiences and step out as a "leader to watch" in their industry.

For them, life will never be the same.

Now the time has come for you to activate your brave new voice, share your wisdom, and own the stage.

Join me for FABx Storytelling Training!
Your Wisdom is Your Power
Using the FABx Storytelling Formula,
you will craft stories based on the wisdom of your own life that engage, ignite, and inspire audiences.
You will walk away from this experience forever changed.

Knowing yourself as someone who can confidently, magically, and boldly lead from the stage and beyond,

With the ability to capture the attention of your audience anywhere at anytime, leaving them inspired, connected, and in awe of you and your message.

The feeling you get when you are connecting to people from the stage, sharing yourself boldly, and empowering the possibility of a greater tomorrow...

That feeling is indescribable.

You can't put a price tag on that.
Nor would we want to.
Claim the stage NOW!
Only 10 Seats Available
Your time is now!
You have a story to tell.
Take the couragous action to share it now and inspire others!