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Watch inspiring coaches and leaders speak their truth and share powerful stories to uplift, inspire and empower you!

Learn how to create your own powerful story and share it with the world!

Extraordinary Stories From Ordinary Life

Since the beginning of time, storytelling has been a powerful tool that humans have leveraged to teach, inspire and connect with each other.

A good story reminds us of the beauty in life,
connects us to powerful parts of ourselves that often lay dormant,
and invites us into the rich tapestry of the dynamic human experience.

In recent times, something has changed...

Deep storytelling has been replaced with quick conversations, marketing messages, and Instagram reels.

We are missing out on... 

  • the simple but profound richness that personal storytelling gives us,
  • the wisdom that each of us has to share and support others, 
  • a chance to speak our truth and leave a legacy that will impact others and the future. 

Time To Bring Story Back!

The Speak Your Truth Storytelling Online Summit is an opportunity to immerse yourself in stories, learn from other coaches and leaders, and discover how to use the power of story in your own life, business, and leadership.


Experience Extraordinary Stories
Experience extraordinary stories from coaches and leaders that will inspire, uplift and energize your own inspiration, personal genius, and creative flame.

Learn How to Craft Your Story
Get empowered by FABx Storytelling Training designed for coaches and leaders who want to step into the magic and power of storytelling and learn how to teach, inspire, and influence from the stage.


Leaders that will Inspire, Uplift, and Share Thought Provoking, Heart Opening Wisdom

Day One

Alicia Dattner

Award Winning Comedian, Writer, and Transformational Solo Show Coach
Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Day One

Mathew R Muskeyn

Expert on the Masculine and Men's Empowerment Coach
Vancouver B.C. Canada

Day Two

Eliska Vaea

Quantum Soul Mentor, Sacred Sexuality Expander, & Channel
Czech Republic
Stories are the single most powerful weapon in a leader’s arsenal.
– Dr. Howard Gardner, prof. Harvard University


Coaches and Leaders Sharing Their Personal Story so You are Empowered, Uplifted, and Inspired
Aren Bahia Canada

Aren Bahia

Entrepreneur, Speaker, Coach, and Philanthropist

Dr. Aimee Tow

Pediatrician, Holistic Life Coach, Founder of Lotus Leaf Living.
Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

Anika Kreimeier

Human Design Mentor & Public Speaker in Flip Flops or High Heels

Chris Walker

Connection Creator, Mentor/Coach for Women, Men, and Business

Emma Roberts

A visionary dedicated to healing myself for future generations

Georgiana Kovell

Performance Coach for High Achievers
Oregon, USA

Luna Mammon

Mystic, Witch, Astrology

Sandra Lee

Human Design Specialist & Biofield Tuning
Penticton, BC, Canada

Vikki Oriah

Feminine Energy & Empowerment Coach
Bali, Indonesia


Be Motivated

3 powerful keynotes from advanced speakers that will share teachings with you about life, love, and expansion.


Be Inspired

10 profound and inspiring stories that will open your hearts and minds to more connection, love, and joy 


Be Empowered

Learn how to craft your own powerful story, identify your own hero's journey, and how to make money with your story!


Learn How to Powerfully Tell and Make Money from Your Story
Colleen Schell 
FABx Founder and Storytelling Mentor
Colleen has trained and supported hundreds of coaches, entrepreneurs, and leaders to become more powerful by tapping into the greatness within them. 

Using the power of storytelling, public speaking, and emotional intelligence she amplifies the leadership and success of her clients and gives them access to change and uplevel lives through their stories and wisdom. 

With her proprietary storytelling formula, you will be able to turn your life experiences into stories that will teach, inspire and influence any audience at any time.    

At this summit, Colleen will show you the top strategies to craft a powerful story from your own life, how to claim and be your most authentic self. and be more successful and impactful using the super power of story and public speaking.  
Jaymin J. Patel
Professional Speaker and Growth Coach for High-Achievers
Jaymin is a highly sought-after, heart-driven, no-fluff, intuitive coach who has been hired by powerful leaders in the spiritual & transformational communities as well as top leaders of corporations around the world like Kraft, Unilever, JPMorgan Chase, and Citibank.

He has made over a million dollars in speaking fees by delivering 500+ paid talks and being an author of 8 books,

Jaymin has been invited to speak at prestigious stages like Harvard Business School, The London School of Economics, ASAE, and has been called upon to consult for high level strategy programs for national governments globally, most recently Saudi Arabia.

He teaches other powerful leaders and coaches how they too can make money with their story experience, and knowledge.

The Speak Your Truth Summit & Training Is An Invitation Into More 

Connection, Joy, and Power!
Be inspired, uplifted and reminded of your deepest ‘WHY’, by feeling into the authentic ‘why’ of the speakers and storytellers
Walk away with fresh ideas on how to use storytelling in your own business to magnify your impact and make a profound difference
Say goodbye to that sinking feeling that you’re never going to have the level of impact you want, as you adapt and apply what you learn
Step forward into an entirely fresh way of seeing yourself and your business, as part of a rich human tapestry of experience
Connect with other forward-thinkers and pioneers to nourish your soul, uplift your spirit and inspire your creativity

We are Undeniably Connected

Watch the Summit to remember how connected we all really are, and be inspired to bring this magic into everything you’re doing through your own captivating storytelling.

The Power of a Story Well Told

All the storytellers you’ll see at the summit have completed the FABx Guru program, a one-of-a-kind online storytelling training supporting leaders and coaches to craft and share their story in a powerful, profound and entertaining way.
The stories you’ll hear have all been meticulously crafted and refined over the course of 2 intensive months to deliver to you a story worth sharing.

Public speaking and sharing your story gives you a superpower that unlocks success, money, and influence. 

Immerse Yourself in the Wonder and Benefits of this Storytelling Experience and Training!

  • 4+ hours of Keynotes and Storytelling - With incredible and wide-ranging stories from 10 highly trained storytellers, sharing insightful and meaningful moments from their personal lives, plus a curated mix of highly impactful keynote speakers.
  • 3+ hours of  Training - Taking you through the nuances of effective & engaging storytelling for magnifying your reach & impact in 2022 and beyond PLUS show to make money with your story...the BUSINESS OF SPEAKING.

And You Can Get in the Action!

There’s more, to inspire, uplift and empower you and all you’re doing in the world…

  • Speak Your Truth Video Booth - Want to share your story and truth? Get inspired by the storytellers and submit your story for the community to learn and be inspired by you! By entering you will get a chance to WIN a seat at the next FABx Online Storytelling and Public Speaking training (a $2000 value!) The link will be sent to you when you purchase your ticket. 

World-Class Storytelling Training

Learn the Top 5 Powerful Leverage Techniques to create a powerful story with ease while being able to share your wisdom and leave your audience inspired, enriched, and connected.
Reveal your authentic self and identify your reason to speak so you are inspired to keep sharing your voice, making a difference, and influencing the world.
Tips and tricks to own the stage, feel confident, and connect easily with the audience through your voice, heart, and passion.
Storytelling has the ability to break down the walls of separation and knit together tapestries of love and joy. It binds us as humans and reveals the depth of our connection.
– Colleen Schell, Founder of FABx

Watch the Speak Your Truth Storytelling Summit & Training


YES! For the amount you pay for LUNCH you can get all this value!
- BE MOTIVATED: 3 powerful keynotes from advanced speakers that will share teachings with you about life, love, and expansion.

- BE INSPIRED: 10 profound and inspiring stories that will open your hearts and minds to more connection, love, and joy.

- BE EMPOWERED: Learn how to craft your own powerful story, identify your hero's journey, and how to make money with your story!

Replay available for ONLY 7 DAYS!

This training will be packaged up into a bigger training that will sell for hundreds of dollars. But you can get it now for only $15 while we are creating the other more expansive and expensive version. 


Jildaz Soul-Bridger

"I'm blown away. I'm blown away by the experience. and it was actually the most profound experience I've had so far in my life."

Felicia Terlecki

"I've had many people walk away and say, Wow, that was extremely powerful. And there's no way I could have done that without FABx and Colleen."

Susan Marshall

"FABx gave me the training—and just as importantly, the support and encouragement—to finally step into the spotlight. I gained powerful tools for crafting and delivering my story on stage. "

What Kind Of Topics Can I Expect?

Using the proven FABx Storytelling Formula, these powerful coaches and leaders will share their personal stories about adversity, breakthroughs and transformation, showcasing the joy, grief, and perseverance we all experience on the road to gaining wisdom, expansion, and success.

While the stories are diverse as their lives, there is one thing that connects us all, the mysterious beauty & challenge of the human experience blended with the profound lessons learned along the way. 

You will see yourself in their tales of sorrow and triumph, and feel deeply connected to the power of being human.


Align yourself, your life and your business to the undeniable and magnetic power of sharing the wisdom of being human through storytelling. 

Speak your truth 
even if your voice shakes.

Authentic - Vulnerable - Real
** Sensitive Content Alert **
Please note that storytellers will be sharing the real and raw experiences of their lives, how they triumphed over them, healed, and the wisdom they received.

Each speaker will bring a different flavour, and some will be sharing stories that involve sensitive topics such as sexual assault, relationship betrayal, and childhood abuse.

If you feel sensitive to these topics, please take this into consideration before purchasing tickets.


Oh hello! I'm Colleen Schell, the Founder of FABx! 

My job is to call you into your greatness. 

This can be confronting...

We do not want to be responsible for the greatness we are.

But it’s where the magic lies and where you get to live your dreams.

A powerful way to reveal and live your greatness is by turning your unique experiences into wisdom that others can learn from...

Crafting and telling your personal story. 

Doing this gives you direct access to the greatness inside of you.

It is undeniable.

When I was suited and booted in the corner office as an executive at a global advertising agency, it was my job to steal large companies from other large advertising agencies. 

I did this through story. 

Stories engaged, upleveled the hearts and minds of the audience, and built connection and trust. 

Because of this I closed business with big companies doing big things. 

Storytelling and public speaking gives you a superpower that radically changes your ability to succeed, build trust, inspire, and influence. 

I hope you join us! 

How Storytelling Empowered Me!
A Golden Ticket to More Success
Empower You, Empower Others

Proudly presented by FABx, Speak Your Truth is part of a larger ecosystem of premiere storytelling and public speaking programs and events.

FABx was born in Bali, Indonesia and soon caught fire as the premiere storytelling training and event on the island.
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