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Online Training & Summit

Storytelling and public speaking training for leaders who want to teach, inspire, and influence.
FABx Guru Training is an online storytelling, public speaking, and leadership training program including an online storytelling summit that trains leaders to be powerful on stage so they can fulfill their desire to teach, inspire, and influence.

It is an initiation to becoming a leader of influence with the ability to uplevel the hearts and minds of others through your personal wisdom.

Only taking 20 speakers!

Book in early…always sells out!
MAR 1 - Apr 19
8 Weeks Training

Become a Person of Influence

If you have a dream to become a high-impact coach, speaker, TEDx presenter or someone to watch, this training will prepare you for that BIG LIFE!
Be not only memorable but also talked about.
Speak from the full-force of your personal power.
Captivate the hearts and minds of the people who need your services.
Inspire, influence, and impact any audience at any time.


You will learn how to...

Craft and deliver a TED-Style talk that you can use again and again.
Use the power, rhythm, and flow of storytelling to create high engagement and connection.
Communicate with confidence, clarity, and credibility so you are known as a thought leader.
FABx Online

Stage 1

8-Week Online Training Program
During the training, you will craft an 8-10 minute personal story that will reveal the wisdom you would like to impart to others and the world.


Learn the FABx Storytelling Formula


Live Storytelling Practice and Coaching


Training in magnetism, authenticity, and vulnerability


Leadership Rituals and Challenges

This training will no doubt transform your presence and presentation on stage, but it will also…


Feel more comfortable and confident on podcasts and interviews


Give you a new superpower and confidence to close clients and partners

Take Chances

Take chances and risks that you would usually shy away from


Shine in ways that magnetize opportunities and people to you!
FABx Online

Stage 2

Personal Story Audit and Coaching
In week five, you will have a one-on-one story audit and personal coaching session with me to refine your story, identify and shine the gems, and distill it down to its most potent essence.

After the story audit, you will have a deeper sense of what you experienced and learned, a beautiful view of the growth you have experienced in your life, and how to communicate the wisdom clearly with power, presence, and impact.
FABx Online

Stage 3

FABx Online Storytelling Summit

Online Storytelling Summit and Performance!

In week eight, you will participate in The FABx Storytelling Summit, where you will share your story with an online audience of your peers, fellow leaders, and people who are looking to learn from your wisdom.

This is where you will put into practice what you learned, shine on stage, and train yourself up to know yourself as a speaker.

In this peak experience, you will start to rewrite your stories and beliefs about yourself and your ability to present. Once complete, who you know yourself to be changed.

When you face your fears and take the risk towards living the life you want, you become someone new. This new person you get to be because of the actions you take is what makes taking the risk worth it.

Dates and Time

This powerful training will kick off in February 1, 2022.

By the end of Q1 2022, you will be fully trained to be a courageous influencer using your voice to teach & inspire.

Western Hemisphere



7pm - 10pm EST
4pm - 7pm PST

Mar 1, 8, 15, 22
Apr 5, 12, 19

Eastern Hemisphere

SE ASIA & Oceania


6am - 9am Bali/ Singapore
9 am - 12 pm Sydney

Mar 2, 9, 16, 23, 30
Apr 6, 13, 20


Check out these bonuses!

In this bonus pack, I will gift you trainings, tools, and exercises you can do to empower your leadership even more. With just these bonuses, you will see your impact and influence as a leader ignite.
Value-Based Storytelling - Reveal your true value and share it through a powerful story
($297 value)
Launch Your Leadership - Introductory emotional intelligence course
($97 value)
WIN at the Game of Leadership - Extensive emotional intelligence and leadership empowerment course.
($597 value)
Capture, Move, and Influence an Audience on Zoom
($97 value)
How to Have Difficult Conversations
($197 value)
Leadership Rituals to Empower You and Your Impact
($97 value)
This bonus pack alone is worth $1400!

Your Investment In You, Your Future, And Your Leadership!

By joining this powerful and life-changing leadership, storytelling, and public speaking course, you will receive...
8 Weeks LIVE Guru Training and Coaching
The FABx Storytelling Formula - “Win over any audience at any time!”
Access to the global FABx community of like-minded leaders
Participation in the FABx Guru Online Storytelling Summit
Present in front of an audience of your peers, global influencers, and leaders

Here Is The Tuition For All This…

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