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Christopher Walker

Chris Walker is a yoga teacher, speaker, and mentor who helps people overcome stubbornness and resistance to change. He knows firsthand what it's like to be "that guy" who is stubborn and refuses to change, and he understands the pain and struggle that can result from such a mindset. Through his own journey of transformation, Chris has learned how to let go of stubbornness and embrace change, and he now shares his knowledge and experience with others to help them do the same. As a yoga teacher, speaker, and mentor, Chris offers a range of services and programs to support personal growth and transformation. He is passionate about helping people let go of what's holding them back and live their best lives.


Overcoming the Fear of Vulnerability

Chris Walker tells the story of how he overcame his fear of vulnerability and found success in life. He suggests that by connecting to the authentic version of ourselves, we can show up in life more fully and enjoy every...

The Deep Sadness of the Stoic Man

Christopher Walker tells several stories from when he viewed life as a game of winning—"future-dated.” He recalls the first time Stoic Boy entered his being. Stoic Boy developed into Stoic Man, which helped him within the unemotional corporate world until...
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