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Colleen Schell

Colleen Schell empowers leaders who want to teach, inspire, and influence people in the superpower of storytelling and public speaking from the stage.

The founder of FABx, Colleen, impacts the way people think in order to get better results. She helps others to harness the power of their personal story to teach the wisdom they’ve learned and so upleveling the hearts and minds of others.

Colleen helps others to deal with their self-imposed limits, face their fears, and claim their greatness.


FABx Fuck It Bucket

In this YouTube video, a presenter training event is announced, and the first bucket is chosen. The presenter in the first bucket is Lisa, and the other five people in the bucket are Fab x alumni. The first bucket speaker...

The Art of the Torrid Love Affair

Colleen Schell ignites the stage with her powerful story of a torrid love affair. Confidently she takes us through the edgy affair, instructing us of the guidelines. Meeting a man before leaving for Bali was the ideal time “. ....
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