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Erik Desrosiers

My name is Erik Desrosiers. I am a leadership coach.

For a long time, I resisted the idea of being a coach. I wanted to be the protagonist and saw myself as a rising star in my industry. As I matured, experience showed me that my life’s purpose is to be of service and guide others a new way of being for business and society.

As soon as I started training to become a leadership coach, I realized that I am naturally talented and that I absolutely love it. Coaching provides the perfect balance of structure and freedom. There are foundational principles that make this vocation a true discipline. At the same time, the boundless nature of this work invites creativity, intuition, and experimentation in service of helping people transform into their best selves.

Here are 10 reasons why I love being a leadership coach:

1) My own growth directly enhances the value that I provide for clients.
2) I learn as much from coaching interactions as my clients do.
3) Measuring success in terms of client results reinforces the habit of giving.
4) The listening skills I master in coaching make me more attentive in all areas of life.
5) Coaching proficiency makes me more mindful about the quality of my presence.
6) Every coaching interaction is a different journey with unique challenges and beauty.
7) Coaching allows me to weave together different aspects of myself into a unique offering.
8) The vocation of coaching supports me to be a pioneer and make path-breaking moves.
9) Today’s world challenges impel us to change our inner world, which coaching facilitates.
10) Coaching is a lifelong journey of mastery that presents boundless growth possibilities.

What I love most about leadership coaching is that you—the leader—have the answers. I have my own journey, my own way of looking at the world and business, my own inspirations, my own pursuit of mastery; yet this process is not about me. This process is about you. I'm here to help guide you to clarify your goals, uncover your deepest essence, embrace your journey, and become your greatest potential.


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