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Jaymin Patel

Jaymin Patel is a growth coach and soul mentor for high-achievers, business owners, spiritual leaders, and celebrated artists.

His mission is to help soul-aligned leaders to unlock their greatest achievement potential and experience the highest levels of freedom and truth—bringing more abundance in health, wealth, and love.

A TEDx speaker and author of eight books, Jayshine has been hired by powerful leaders in the spiritual and transformational communities as well as leaders of corporations like Kraft, Unilever, and Citibank.


Accepting All Aspects of Me

This talk is about finding courage and living a courageous life. Jaymin Patel speaks about the effects of losing his courage and the many reasons for the loss. He describes an event he attended in a desert full of people...

Get Paid to Share Your Message

In this video, Jaymin J. Patel, a "FABX Guru Summit 2022 Trainer," discusses how to become a successful speaker and author. Patel shares his story of how he became a successful consultant and speaker, and how he was able to...
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