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Kerry Clancey

Kerry Clancey is an intuitive and channelor, author, meditation and spiritual teacher, light sound healer, Reiki practitioner, and Ayurveda therapist. In 2010, she read something that changed her life forever: "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life." It made her think, "What does that really mean? Does it mean I am in charge of my thoughts?" She soon realized that it did, and it was a revelation. Kerry began to understand the power of conscious awareness and how it could change her life. She now uses her knowledge and expertise to help others achieve their own personal growth and well-being.


From Pain to Purpose: Kerry's Journey of Self-Discovery

In this video, Kerry Clancey shares an out-of-body experience where she is visited by various spirits, including her deceased father and abuser. While the experience is ultimately comforting, it also causes Kerry fear and pain upon returning to her body....
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