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Mathew R Muskeyn

Mathew R Muskeyn is a master of the energetic's of public speaking. He offers comprehensive sleep coaching for serious, busy business professionals who want to improve their sleep but are unable to do so. Muskeyn has a passion for helping others overcome their challenges and improve their health and wellbeing through better sleep. He is dedicated to supporting busy professionals in achieving their goals and improving their quality of life.


From Confusion to Clarity: How Alpha Attraction Immersion Helped Me Find My Way

Mathew pursues a dream of sleeping with multiple women, but it leads him down a soulless path of manipulation and emptiness. Can he break free from the hypnotic rhythm of society's expectations and find true love? Takeaways 🚫 Pursuing external...

Transform Your Public Speaking: 3 Strategies for Overcoming Persona Fatigue, Fear, and Trauma

In this video, the speaker discusses the importance of developing self-confidence through public speaking. They explain how putting on a persona can mask our true selves and lead to negative physical responses like twitching and leg movements. The speaker also...
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