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Persia Juliet

Persia Juliet is an international yoga teacher and retreat host who specializes in Yin Yoga, Theming, and Planetary Vinyasa. Her teaching is influenced by energetic anatomy, the link between emotions and organs, astrology, and lunar cycles. She is passionate about using theming to connect her classes to topics like the deities, chakras, meridians, and the elements. Juliet began her yoga journey in 2005 and has since completed a 350-hour teacher training and advanced studies in Vinyasa, Sequencing, Forrest Yoga, Vedic Meditation, and Yin Yoga. She currently lives in Bali and offers a variety of online classes, including monthly Yin bundles and theming courses. She is also preparing to launch an online Yin Yoga Teacher Training program.


Cycles Broken, Generations Healed

This video features Persia Juliet talking about how women are born with all the eggs they will ever carry, and how this can lead to cycles of abuse and suffering. She shares her story of how she healed herself and...
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