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Soraya Sheikh

I was born in 1984, in South Africa's Apartheid system to a Greek Cypriot mother and a Ugandan born Kashmiri father. At 3 weeks old, due to segregation laws, my parents were forced to leave their home, business, and life, and took my elder sister and I to London where I spent the first 18 years of my life. Being born into a family with such diverse and rich ancestral lineage, I was fortunate enough to be exposed to African, Christian Orthodox, Hindu and Islamic traditions from an early age, laying the foundations of my wider innerstanding and curiosity of religion, spirituality, cultural/social norms and human behaviour.

As a young adolescent, my family and I would make curry and feed people living on the streets of London. I would listen to my parents speak to, care for and laugh with people of all walks of life and experiences, reminding me how to treat people - with love and innerstanding. Studying Child Development for my GCSEs and working at a school for children with learning difficulties confirmed to me that love, compassion and sharing knowledge and wisdom are the foundations in creating sustainable change.

At 18, I attended university in Manchester, and then went on to gain 14 years experience in business and charitable strategic leadership, community building, mentoring and social work. I've helped people of all ages make critical changes in their behaviour and outlook, including at-risk adults and people suffering from mental health issues and addictions, and those engaged in criminal behaviour. With my natural ability to hold space and offer deep presence, I've been referred to as embodying a ""Mother Earth strength and wisdom that makes people feel safe, held and seen.


Conquering Fear, Embracing Love: A Spiritual Revelation

This deeply moving video portrays a woman's profound journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening. From facing deportation during apartheid to transformative moments of fear, love, and revelation, she embraces her true essence, spreading the message of love and wisdom to...
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