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Vix Anderton

Vix Anderton is a somatic coach, authentic relating facilitator, menstruality mentor, and author. Her goal is to help everyone be fully and authentically themselves so that they can realize their potential and make a positive impact in their world. As a coach, facilitator, and mentor, Vix uses her expertise to help people cultivate self-awareness, connection, and authenticity in their lives. She is passionate about helping people live their best lives and make a difference in the world.


Embracing My True Self: Overcoming Perfectionism and Expectations

This video follows the journey of Vix Anderton as she navigates her way through life and the expectations placed upon her. From her time at boarding school to her career in the Royal Air Force, Vix struggles to find her...

Embracing Your Authentic Self

This emotional video follows the journey of a perfectionist struggling with self-acceptance and the endless pursuit of improvement. It's a powerful call to embrace wholeness and let go of self-rejection, inspiring viewers to find fulfillment through self-compassion and vulnerability.
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