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Zachary Reznichek

A life-skills innovator, Zachary Reznichek has figured out how to combine his long history of role-playing games with a Master’s in Education, teacher training, and producing artists.

He has shared his love of role-playing games with children in schools, homeschools, summer camps, and youth workshops with glowing success.

Developed as an extension of the Self Personal and Social Development Local Program at the English Montreal School Board in Quebec, the RPGs in Schools program has now been adapted it into the Wild Mind Training program for youth and adults.


The Day I Role-Played Suicide

Learning to play Dungeons and Dragons as a child set Zachary Reznichek on a path of role-playing games. Many traumatic real-life events in his childhood led to pain and nightmares. He realized that in the games, any pain wasn’t real...
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