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Georges Bossous Jr

Georges is a Ph.D. Candidate in Public Health. He is a graduate of Barry University with a Master’s of Science degree in Psychology. He went through a 3-year-specialization (post graduate) in “Infant Mental Health” at the “Institute for Child and Family Health, Inc., formerly known as the “Children Psychiatric Center.” For more than 10 years, Georges has been working as a Psychotherapist/ Clinician. As a Developmental Specialist and Trainer, he provides psychological intervention for children from 0-5 years old as well as training for teachers and parents. As a speaker and chil advocate, he often holds presentations and trainings on cultural awareness, youth development, and family dynamic in different regions in the United States. Georges is the Founder and CEO of Word and Action.


The Voice of the Voiceless

Georges Bossous Jr. shares his experiences working with sexually abused children. In this deeply moving talk, Georges recollects conversations he had with the children and some of them later when they were adults. "Tell me what happened." Silence. Silence for...
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