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Jon Unal

Jon Unal is the founder of Conscious Beginnings and Mindfulness Works Australia. He is an experienced mindfulness and mindset coach, corporate trainer, and psychotherapist who has developed and implemented a wide range of mindfulness and corporate wellness programs for leading organizations such as BHP, Credit Union Australia, Sanofi, Suncorp, QSuper, Queensland Health, Queensland Police Service, and Toyota Australia. As a mindfulness educator, Jon is passionate about helping individuals and organizations cultivate mindfulness and cultivate well-being.


Breaking the Cycle of Anger and Mood Swings

Embark on a transformative journey with Jon as he unveils the hidden patterns shaping his life. From childhood wounds to adult struggles, witness the power of self-discovery and healing. 🚀 🌪️ The Power of Unseen Trauma: Uncover how unprocessed childhood...
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