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Eliska Vaea

Eliska Vaea is a holistic mentor and has already activated hundreds of unique and courageous women around the world through online programs, online VIP 1:1s and retreats.


Reclaiming Your Power: How to Connect with Your Womb and Intuition

The video is about a 16-year-old girl who experiences an earthquake while hiking in the Himalayas and realizes that she may have a Pelvic Floor Prolapse (PFP). She seeks medical treatment and begins a journey of healing and self-discovery, including...

Sing Your Song

Eliska Vaea takes us on a magical journey of creation. Listening to her womb, she set out to find a tea tree lake while in Australia for a birthing ritual. Eliska paints a vivid picture of her trek through the...

Unleashing Your Inner Magic

Eliska Vaea is a keynote speaker at the FABxSummit 2022 who discusses the importance of connecting with your soul. She describes how doing so can help you take actions that are aligned with your true self, and how it can...
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