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Reclaiming Your Power: How to Connect with Your Womb and Intuition

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The video is about a 16-year-old girl who experiences an earthquake while hiking in the Himalayas and realizes that she may have a Pelvic Floor Prolapse (PFP). She seeks medical treatment and begins a journey of healing and self-discovery, including learning about shamans in the Amazonian jungle and exploring the highest peak and deepest pose of the Earth in Bali. Along the way, she discovers the power within her womb and learns to use it responsibly. The video also encourages other women to take time to reconnect with their own wombs and offers suggestions for how to do so, such as taking a day off during their period to connect with their moon blood and engaging in actions like painting with their blood and getting "witchy." The video celebrates the journey of Eliska Vaea, who has helped to heal and empower many women through her unique approach.

Eliska Vaea

Eliska Vaea is a holistic mentor and has already activated hundreds of unique and courageous women around the world through online programs, online VIP 1:1s and retreats.

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