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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and inner connection as Ellie shares her life's trials and revelations. From a relentless pursuit of being the best to finding her soul spark, she unveils the key to living a life of bliss. Takeaways 🏔️ Ellie's harrowing experience trapped in a snowstorm forces her to rethink her pursuit of being the best and leads her to a profound inner transformation. 🤝 Discover the power of connecting with your soul spark to find peace, love, and acceptance within yourself, independent of external achievements. 🔍 Through meditation and inner navigation, unlock your unique path to manifesting your dream reality, as demonstrated by Ellie and her clients' success stories.

Eliska Vaea

Eliska Vaea is a holistic mentor and has already activated hundreds of unique and courageous women around the world through online programs, online VIP 1:1s and retreats.

if you're looking for something to transform your life then they should do FABx. ~ Hoda Monika Agah
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