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The Power of Female Ancestry: My Story of Triumph

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In this YouTube video, Sumeena Gupta shares her personal experience of being locked in her bedroom by her aunt and how she eventually found freedom. She reflects on the lessons she learned about herself and her family during this time and how the bravery of her female ancestors helped her along the way. Sumeena also discusses the importance of financial independence for women and how it can lead to greater safety and security. As a motivational speaker, she aims to empower women to make better choices in life.

Sumeena Gupta

Sumeena Gupta is the founder and CEO of 7-fig boss, a coaching business that helps female CEOs build $100k+ businesses with clients they love and a calendar that works for them. With 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and CEO, Sumeena has built multiple businesses, both online and offline. She has also been a business mentor and coach to female CEOs for 5 years. As a successful businesswoman, Sumeena is passionate about helping other women achieve their entrepreneurial dreams and reach their full potential.

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