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From Addiction to Sobriety: My Journey to Self-Love

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In this video, a woman shares her story of struggling with alcohol addiction and how it has affected her life. She discusses how her parents are worried about her and reveals that she is pregnant, but is unsure if she will be able to handle the news. The woman also talks about ending a four-year relationship and moving to California in search of self-discovery. Along the way, she embarks on a journey of self-love, using crystal yoni wands and joining a herpes love club to help her be more open and honest with her past partners. She also shares her experience of achieving sobriety and how it has helped her gain more control over her life. The woman credits her friend and mentor for helping her find the courage to face her fears and make positive changes in her life, and talks about seeing others transform into their true selves through her own journey of recovery.

Julia Shepley

Julia Shepley is a coach who helps people with all things sensuality, self-love, conscious relationships, money mindset, soul success, and empowered leadership. She offers a range of services, including online programs, 1:1 coaching, and in-person retreats, to support her clients in achieving their goals and living their best lives. Shepley is passionate about empowering others to live with intention, authenticity, and fulfillment.

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